The ARISE initiative is dedicated to providing young Africans leaders with a platform on civic responsibility through training and education on the U.S. political process and how to clearly outline and communicate their policy concerns to lawmakers and financial institutions.

ARISE will hold civic education programs and student exchanges to bridge the cultural gap and inspire and empower future leaders by providing them with leadership and entrepreneurial skills, allowing them to reach their greatest potential.


    Be Live 4 Africa (BL4A)


Be Live 4 Africa (BL4A) is a Believe in Africa program facilitated by the non-profit organization Cultuma Asso (an organization in charge of promoting afro-urban artists), intending to promote African art and culture. Born this year, this yearly event consists in 3 parts: a conference, a concert and an after-party with a specific intention: to show the positive impact of African entertainment within its societies and the importance of its promotion.