In recent years, international policy makers, academic luminaries and multi-national business stakeholders began recognizing the role of not only the private sector in the continent’s transformation, but the prowess and thought-leadership within the African diaspora. The Obama Administration has included the diaspora into its U.S. – Africa policies by incorporating its communities into the U.S. Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa, launching the “Power Africa” Initiative, holding the U.S. State Department’s Global Diaspora Forum, ,supporting the U.S. Commerce Department’s “Doing Business in Africa” campaign and the U.S. State Department’s Young African Leaders initiative.
However, according to a Brooking Institute report, the power of the African diaspora is yet to be harnessed. Therefore, during this era, as sons and daughters of the African continent, it is Believe in Africa’s collective responsibility to ensure that Africa’s economic transformation is cultivated and sustained. As such, Believe in Africa will endeavor to convene diaspora leadership, the U.S. and African private sector, friends of Africa and global leaders to collectively reshape Africa’s traditional aid narrative through building strong, mutually beneficial partnerships.
Believe, Inspire, Act!
Africans are masters of their own destiny. In an era where the collective potential of the African people is essential in shaping and transforming Africa’s economic future, BIA is committed to forging strong, sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships between all stakeholders in the vibrant private sector. We Believe in Africa!
BIA’s team will apply their business and political acumen, cultural knowledge, regional expertise, and diverse private sector and policy experience to contribute to community development, increase the visibility of and unite and empower African youth, women, and global leaders in the private sector and civil society.

Through its various programs, BIA aims at:

  • Responsibly formulating an “African response to African issues”
  • Building strategic partnerships between policy makers dedicated to Africa’s economic transformation;
  • Re-branding Africa’s image and perception from aid recipient to trading partner;
  • Promoting mutually beneficial partnerships between Africa, the BRICS, MINT and industrialized nations;
  • Increasing investment and partnerships between Africa and international stakeholders to sustain African economic and political maturation;
  • Educating the international community on Africa’s rising economic power to increase participation in African economic trade and business sector development;
  • Highlighting and reinforcing the private sector role in Africa’s economic transformation;
  • Strengthening “the bridge” between African, American and African Diaspora leaders and establishing
  • partnership(s) that create jobs in all countries;
  • Empower innovative youth and women in Africa.
Believe in Africa (BIA) is an African diaspora - led initiative founded by former U.S. congressional staffers and African leaders in the U.S., to empower young Africans, harness the power of the African diaspora, educate policy makers and the public about African economic growth and highlight the continent’s gradual rise in the global community.